I only offer to arrange Sak Yant only done by real authentic Thai Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is because I believe in the real power that they offer is only if is done by monks with special gifts.

Sure a commercial graphic tattoo aesthetically can be done better by skilled tattoo artist using a tattoo gun but if you want only that, then best you do it back home or better still don’t have one done.

My mom who did this before me was asked by monks to screen the people if we would. As they were no longer happy when we publicly posted locations and addresses on our NorthernThailand.com site. Because so many of the westerners and/or the people that brought them were not respectful at all.   So my family removed the contact details and have been offering  limited service to westerners in arranging Sak Yant for over 10 years.

Well now I am proactively encouraging people that want the real thing, to contact me and I will help you arrange it for the right people.

I do not offer tours.

We offer an amazing experience, a translation service, a unique cultural understanding, as well as for many a life-changing event .

It starts by you emailing me, and telling what you want and maybe share why.

I will tell you the cost, availability options, once you decided then I will arrange with the monk of your choosing, for an appointment  on agreed time and date to go to the temple or Hong Pra where the Sak Yant traditionally performed.

You will be driven by car to meet with the Monk who you will have chosen and I will translate for you, as none the monks speak much of any English at all, As they are not normally dealing with westerners. That is where I truly come into my own in explaining thing and translation. Some monks talk a lot and may ask many questions some are less talkative, but it also depends on the day too.

Most of the monks we list are respected enough to have actually be invited and gone overseas to just do Sak Yant to believers in the past but prefer not to anymore. They are also the monks that fellow monks go to get their Sak Yant done by.

– If you and your companion both want Tattoos then yes it take longer so costs more we can talk about it as it will vary depending on size and numbers and designs.

– We do not charge extra if your friend, family member or partner who wants to come to offer support or just watch, as it really is reasonable to expect to be allowed to. I noticed and understand that the mass majority of couples want this.

Our cost of our Sak Yant service in Chiang Mai is very reasonable compared to other services and I promise better.  the package price will be  3,500 baht. This includes my transportation and translation service and the appreciate monk donation,  for an average size Sak Yant. We will also prepare the spirit offering items as well.
The monks we recommend understand that people appreciate what they pay for, be it with real personal effort or cash, so the donation portion of the fee is sizable  In the past we left it up to the client we have changed to this pricing method as so many people prefer to know the whole cost up front, and not worry about what is an acceptable donation, as it is easier and less stressful for all.

If there is two of you going for a Thai Tattoo or if you both want above average size Sak Yant, then the fee in total for the two of you is 6,000.

If you are seeking a very large and or detailed Sak Yant of like the Tiger please understand that is not considered a normal sized Sak Yant, so please let me know and send me the design you seek and I can tell you the pricing

You are welcome to have a friend come for moral support, of course at no extra charge, Just let me know ahead of time.

A non-refundable deposit is required when you are ready to book. The 50% deposit is to ensure your serious. It can be done by paypal.com
(using this email – thaitattoochiangmai@gmail.com )
or by Western Union or if another method is preferred we can talk.

Note: If you are a no show, It will be donated to a scholarship program. We understand things happen and we will do our best to be flexible if the unexpected happens and will reschedule if possible.