Sasimon A.K.A  Emmy

I am a local Chiang Mai, Student who is presently attending Chiang Mai University Student. Who is forever trying to earn money for my tuition.

My goal in creating this website and offering my services, besides earning a bit towards my tuition, is also I seek to share a unique part of my culture with others, It is not a tour nor should it be.

So as the eldest daughter of the owner of You will find articles dating back at more than a decade about Sak Yant and stories about a few people who my mom arranged and took she took for Sak yant around Chiang Mai. So I have threw osmosis land experience have learned a lot about the traditional spiritual Thai Tattoos.

While seeking a flexible part time job my Dad recommended that I take a few people for a Sak Yant that write and asked if we can help arrange it.

So, I have created this website to officially offer my services as a translator and assistance in arranging and taking people for a authentic and spiritual Thai Tattoo by masters of Sak Yant and share our Lanna culture.

I pride myself in my spoken English skills as well as my Thai skills so It has been said that I make a great translator and cultural Ambassador.

As I have to go to classes So I can not assist all the time, so I have ask my family friend “ART” to help when I can not go. or if you just happen to prefer a guy.

Khun Art – “Pea Art”  to me.

He too is a true local and lives with his wife and sweet daughter of 7 years of age in Sanpatong a small city just 20 KM for the Chiang Mai.

Art has actually a member local indigenous people called the Lua they are not a Hill tribe but an original group of people who have lived in the Chiang Mai plateau for a millennium. We “Thai new-comers” do tease them as being they are traditionally eaters dog or even cannibals by our legions. Do not worry he personally does not eat dog as, he laughs that he could not afford to eat dog, if he did want to, as is now illegal to do so.

His English is better than most Thai people but not really flaunt but more that enough to do the job. More importantly is his amazing sense of humor and genuine friendliness that people love.

Ladies do not worry, I would not recommend him if he was not most trustworthy and a great Guy.