What is the different names given to Sak Yant  practitioners? 

It has become apparent that many people who are no monks are having others promoting them trying to imply that a fancy title or implied status is what makes them the same as a monk and different from the corner tattoo shop. As a Thai I think this is not right.

So several people see the opportunity to offer Thai Tattoos or Sak Yant with a little more allure or what a salesman calls a “sell the Sizzle, not the steak”

fakewatches- fake Sak Yant

Fake Watches – Fake Sak Yant

Which is fine if you just want a tattoo to show your friends back home but if you want the authentic Thai Tattoo or Thai Sak Yant with all that means, then maybe we should be a little more clear on the meanings of the terms some websites are using to persuade you to have “Sak Yant” by non-monks. When it costs little or no more money, why not get the real thing.

Former Monk

Let’s start with a simple fact that most males at some time in Thailand were officially monks. that is because all males are expected to be a monk at some time in their life be it the standard month-long period when they are young or for some may have been is only a couple of days to show respect for a loved on at their funeral. So saying they were a Monk is a bite like saying I went to Sunday school. Ask more questions.


is a  “hermit sage”, who after intense meditation (Tapas) who may realise truths and eternal knowledge
A Thai tradition Hermit is one who lives on their own that lives in the forest and they are not people that live in homes offering Sak Yant for a way of making a living.
Perhaps there may be a forest hermit with great mystical powers and special skills offering Thai Sakyant to followers but I have yet to meet one in the forest yet alone in the suburbs.

Mystic Shaman

Is a traditional healer and spiritual leader who serves a community of Indigenous people. This has been a person who is believed to hold special powers and skills. They still a part if the Thai And Cambodian society. They can be men or women and often go into trances while healing.

Pea Sasimon, actually has a great Aunt who is a well respected for her spiritual abilities and people have come from far and near to ask her or more correctly the spirits that take her over while in a trance for advice or help. So if you do not choose a Thai Sak Yant or traditional Thai Tattoo for a monk then I would think she would like I agree that a Shaman would be the next best choice to a Monk

Ajarn Master with Steel Needle

 professor professor or  master master of the steel needle

OK, I poke a little fun on the title but would be the same as  ” master professor of the ball pein hammer” if you skilled body shop dent remover.
So yes they may be  excellent tattoo artists but is only meant to imply a spiritual power and they are NOT proper monks.

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