Thai Sak Yant and Hygiene

The one question I most often at one time or another is about Sak Yant and hygiene of the monks who offer Sak Yant. without question, there are temples and monks who practice Sak Yant who’s hygiene standards will scare the, you know what out of anyone with basic health care training. Including me, like when I have seen monks that use shared ink sources where everyone’s needles goes in and out the same bottle, rather than simply using disposable personal containers.  It costs little and is just common sense as is used in Tattoo shops in Thailand .

Hygiene Safety

I for one will not take people to these temples. Some people will say if I believe  in the power of Sak Yant then it will not matter I am safe. No matter the hygiene practices and I am not at risk of Aids or Hep or whatever one may get from needles and bodily fluids diseases be it from a Sak Yant or not. That it can be contracted without proper normal precautions. I also believe in being given the divine right of choice and accept the responsibilities that go with it.

I for one do not take risks in my life. For example, even if I were to drive the safest rated car, I would not want to test it by crashing it into a wall, even if they say you are safe at a certain speed.  I think that would just be stupid. So I do not expect people to let other take them to a temple or practitioner that does what modern science considers unsafe practices. I assure you I will not have that Karma on my head.

So know that I do my best treat others as I would want them to treat myself. So I take them to monks take hygiene into account.

I also make sure that henna is not added to the inks and if a certain design’s ink needs to have Henna in the ink. then the person is told before hand. So it is their choice to have it or not.

If you have any known allergies best to tell me when you first contact me.

Concerns for Hygiene  does not show disrespect for the Sak Yant, master or the monk but only a concern for your health and well-being and common sense.

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